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Casa D > Milan, Italy

The project pursued the transformation of an apartment situated in the fashionable district of Brera, right in the historical core of Milan, Italy. The 165 square meters of the flat, once fragmented into a XVIII century scheme of small and isolated rooms, have been adapted to host an urban program of work and social life for a young business man. A new circulation logic was assigned by the means of a series of cuts and opening through the thick original masonry walls, while eliminating almost completely the doors, unifying the floors with a single material of a single color (dark brown hardwood) and attributing to the built-in furniture a dominating character. The obtained apertures created a new world of thresholds, spatial connections and unexpected visual links, allowing a transversal and fluid perception of the place. Furniture and fixtures follow and stress that fluidity, acting as connective elements, articulating themselves in a tight dialogue with those cuts and unfolding their plastic masses into a domestic, internal landscape, involving alternately the floors, the ceilings and the walls.



Fabrizio Leoni Architettura

Ph: Matteo Piazza

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