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p Flat

The apartment is located in a tower overlooking a complex environment of hills, bays and wetlands in the urban sector of Cagliari, Italy. Its existing scheme, a conventional pattern of corridors and enclosed spaces not allowing the perceptions of  its 22 windows other than in groups of 3 or 4 at the time, was replaced by  a new layout that started by wrapping its core with a translucent skin of a double water room: a shiny rock crossed by fluid and light. As this small environment becomes a hinge for the entire flat, all the other spaces of the program are organized according to it or by dialectic contrast. They expand into an environment of sleeping rooms,  serving spaces,  living areas,  balconies, where technical elements are always framed as a custom designed piece of metal or wooden furniture. Continuity, spatial aperture and transparency lead the entire distribution of the program. A very specialized environment as the kitchen fades into a living room by a hinged glass system and a movable counter, and that L-shaped public area merges with the master bedroom. During the day, when private areas of the flat are not fenced off, that spatial device allows the users to enjoy panoramic view of both the internal, domestic landscape and external, urban environment.



Fabrizio Leoni Architettura

with Olindo Merone

Ph: Gianni Carbone

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