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ZP House

A family of a criminal lawyer and an orthopedic surgeon along with their three children, inspires a complex mixed program of housing for all of them and their local medical and legal professional studios. Located in a remote mountain village of inner Sardinia, Italy, the building sits on a sloppy and uneven ground. The difference in level between the two main roads that serve the trapezoidal lot, suggested to work on the cross section and mainly expand the L-shaped body  adjacently to the higher road, where the pedestrian entrances to the house and the wing of professional studies are located, and towards the interior of the lot at the lower road level, where the driveway to the underground garage is placed. The narrowest part of the L is devoted to the dormitories, plus staff and guest areas, to the professional studios and the library, whilst its side of greater thickness is hosting a double level of areas dedicated to the social life of the family, that receives light from the garden and from the large patio carved into the building mass. The generous teak terrace overlooking the valley as a ship deck further enhances the building areas devoted to the outdoor life.



Fabrizio Leoni Architettura + Antonio Pinna (structural engineer)

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