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KBLA_Artist Lofts_Cagliari_Italy

This proposal investigates a vision of changes and growth of an individual or couple of art oriented professionals according to a concept of modular and highly standardized system. That system is composed of basic pieces of furniture, services and partitions that give way to an internal organization both in a simplex or in a duplex fashion. A floating floor housing cables and pipelines allows the user to set up his/her own layout and to match his/her lifestyle needs with the richness of the open catalogue of solutions potentially unfolded by a menu of basic pieces -K (Kitchen), L (living), B (Bathroom), A (Adaptive)- assemblage. In order to test the feasibility of such a scheme, a process of prototyping was implemented in a XIX century building of the historical core of Cagliari, Italy. In this case, a metal frame cladded by birch plywood panels for both walls and floors, coated with a transparent water-based film was employed, but glass or plastic laminated boards painted in a wide range of color might be able as well to emphasize the open spirit of that construction system.

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