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Casa O

At the foot of Massiccio del Sulcis, Sardinia, Italy, an open land, signed by fields, greenhouses and a low- density development, stands as the geographical background on which a residential program for a young couple, reduced to its minimum components, gets settled. That program embodies the form of an inhabited macro-cell, of an organism that -out of a close relation to topography and landscape- manages to modify its longitudinal section according to the slope, to bend its body among the trees, to arch taking off the ground and to unfold to frame consistent views. Its skin is called upon to emphasize the specific relation to the surroundings; it covers even the roof, suggesting the house's perception as a massive block wrapped by a film, veiling its actual tectonics.



Fabrizio Leoni Architettura

with Olindo Merone

Ph: Dessì & Monari

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