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VF Apt

The project activates the longitudinal axis of the existing 1970s apartment, removing the partitions between the east area, overlooking a flourishent urban park and the west area, destined to dark kitchen and service spaces which, as often it happens in speculative distributions,  they take light only from narrow internal miserable tiny courtyard. Once all the possible masonry partitions that fragmented the space were demolished, the task of generating and controlling the long linear east-west loft was entrusted to a refined wooden micro-architecture of 15 meters in length. Such a snake-like built-in furniture, rooted on plastic and organic geometries, holds the kitchen area together, wraps the structural elements, stands as an equipped wall and elongated container that serves both the large living room and the suites, while, on the opposite extreme, incorporate the fireplace and the large smart TV screen. The geometric exuberance of this maxi furniture is opposed by a chromatic choice oriented towards a radical minimalism in shades of absolute white, concrete gray, milky glass and the continuous surface of the plywood floor.



Fabrizio Leoni Architettura

Ph: Filippo Poli

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