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Diagonal Azure_Barcelona > Spain

This Barcelona project aims to reveal the potential of a 1960s apartment located in a typically very dense Avenida Diagonal block.

Once the entire partitions of this long tube connecting the two opposite façades have been demolished, and the steel structural system brought to light, the new design approach defines the central row of columns as the backbone of an internal landscape shaped by expansions and contractions. 

A long corridor is flared on such a longitudinal axis to accentuate its depth and eventually flow into the flat's living area.

A complex system of built-in micro-architectures inhabits the inner void by defining intimate and social activities and their spatial anchors, whose tectonic exuberance is emphasized with the consistent use of colour, azure 5009, which designates everything: containers, worktops, counters, doors, wardrobes, cabinets.



Fabrizio Leoni Architettura

Ph: Filippo Poli

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